About This Blog

For years my partner and I have  been taking excursions in southern Maine and New Hampshire to visit new places.  I have always remarked that more people should know about these places we visit.  Since we usually end the day eating at a new restaurant, we have joked that we are driving to a meal.

By means of this blog, Nearawayplaces.com, I will introduce you to some of Maine’s most beautiful scenic and historical places.  It’s fun and exhilarating to discover a new place.  And Maine has some gems! These places are both near to you – or maybe a little farther away from you.  So come along with me to discover some nearaway places.

Are you worried about the cost of gas for each excursion?  Well, invite a neighbor or friend to come with you share the cost of gas.  Besides, it’s much more fun to share a new experience with someone else!

1 Response to About This Blog

  1. Jill Saxby says:

    Just discovered this blog after googling “cattle pounds ” following a hike at Bradbury Mountain State Park today. We have looked at that pound a hundred times but today I realized I really didn’t know much about them. Thank you for very informative article! Sounds like you enjoy going to many of the same places we do…I’ve always wanted to visit the Poland Spring resort (we go to Range Pond State Park a lot) and now I will! Thanks…

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